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A.M. Burns has been writing since high school. He has recently decided to turn his hobby into something more. Crafting brilliant stories with vibrant characters, he brings life to some very interesting and unique worlds. He currently lives in the mountains of central Colorado where he enjoys hiking, horseback riding and hawking. He shares his life with numerous critters and a loving partner.
Find out more about AM at his website http://www.amburns.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-M-Burns/226547897358075
Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/AM_Burns


Blood Moon Yellow Sky
Coyote’s Pup
Perfect Love

Short Stories:

An Autumn Night Walk
Belly of the Beast
Doctor Aphrodite
Goddess 9 to 5
Gods on Patrol
Into the Fire
Jewelry Jinx
The Tomb of Tomes
A Fragrant Quest
Satyrday Night Fever


Heartsblood fusion
Shadows on the Campfire