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Current Open Anthologies

“Campfire Howls”
Edited by Melissa Kary
Submissions are reopened until the anthology is full. We’re about half way there right now.

What is more idyllic than a cowboy sitting out on a prairie night with his pards around a campfire? There’s a large full moon resting heavy on the eastern horizon. And in the distance, a wolf howls, but is it really a wolf, or is it something more terrifying? For Campfire Howls, we’re looking for stories that merge the idea of the cowboy with the darkness of the werewolf. Each story must have both elements. But ask yourself, who’s the bad guy and who’s the good guy? Are there cowboy werewolves roaming herding cattle into an old west town? Does a lone gunslinger fight the forces of lupine darkness in a post-apocalyptic desert? Is there a rodeo clown that is more than he appears to be? Can a werewolf starship captain pull of a daring train robbery before the intergalactic sheriff arrives with silver bullets? Let your imagination run wild and howl at the moon. Give us stories you’d love to tell around a campfire. We want stories from any time period, past, present or future as long as they are well crafted and have the elements we’re looking for. Sex and gore are alright as long as it fits the story. No gratuitous scenes either way. Stories should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words. Anything longer or shorter should be exceptional. Please query the editor before sending longer or shorter works.

Payment is $5 per story, paid upon publication + one contributor’s copy.

Reprints are alright as long as you let us know, you have the rights, and it’s an outstanding story. We prefer new stories.

Please use standard manuscript formatting. Files accepted: .doc, .docx, txt or rtf.

Also include a short two-to-three sentence author bio and don’t forget a link to your webpage.

This anthology will be available in print and ebook, so we will put a live link to your webpage in the ebook format, and on our webpage.

All accepted authors will get an author listing on the MysticHawker Press Website.

Send submissions as an email attachment to submissions@mystichawker.com. Anything pasted into the body of an email will NOT be read.